Term & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms: It should be made very clear that the user accepts these terms and conditions by visiting or utilizing the landing page.

Intellectual Property: Indicate that the real estate firm or its licensors owns all content, photos, logos, and other assets on the landing page, and that these items are shielded by laws pertaining to intellectual property. Without prior written consent, users should not be allowed to copy, edit, distribute, or use any of the content.

User Obligations: Indicate that when users submit requests or questions via the landing page, they are accountable for supplying correct and current information. Additionally, users must pledge to refrain from any harmful or illegal activity, like spamming, hacking, or sending malicious software.

Property Information: Make it clear that all of the information on the landing page—including the prices, availability, and descriptions of the properties—is subject to change at any time. Any errors or omissions in the offered information should not be attributed to the real estate firm.

Privacy and Data Collection: Describe the methods by which the real estate firm will gather, retain, and utilize user data. Any third-party services or tracking technologies (such cookies or analytics tools) that are utilized on the landing page should be disclosed. To access the privacy policy in further detail, provide a link to it.

Liability Disclaimer: Make it clear that the real estate firm will not be responsible for any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from using the landing page or from relying on the information offered. This covers, among other things, monetary losses, property damage, and any other kind of direct or indirect damages.

Links to Third-Party Websites: Indicate on the landing page that the real estate firm does not support or take liability for the availability, content, or privacy policies of any third-party websites that are linked to.

Changes to the Terms: We reserve the right, at any time and without previous notice, to change or amend the terms and conditions. It is advisable to remind users to routinely examine the terms in order to be updated about any changes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Indicate which laws will apply to the interpretation and enforcement of these conditions, as well as the jurisdiction in which any legal issues resulting from the use of the landing page will be resolved.